I Have A Dream...

 On Monday, January 18, school was out but CSK was in full swing! Unfortunately, the MLK Jr. march was called off for the kids since it was about 12 degrees out (yikes!) So instead of marching, we took a field trip to Pisgah View to celebrate the life and legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.


Project POWER Team 18 Americorps members set up a morning of activities for the kids in participating learning centers and after school programs. We learned about the I Have A Dream speech and what MLK dreamed of for future generations. We also traced our hands and wrote about our own dreams. We continued with the dream theme while enjoying delicious pizza and creating our own "dream clouds" with paper plates and cotton balls. 


Back at CSK we created our own "I Have A Dream" bulletin board. We had a wide variety of dreams.




I have a dream...


...that everyone will stop throwing things out the window, stop littering, and make our planet better.


...to become a scientist.


...that there will be world peace.


...that one day I can ride an elephant.


...of being Diamond Steve.


...that I will one day write a song and give it to someone who doesn't have stage fright.


...that I will grow up and be just like Taylor Swift.


...that everyone will be friends and be nice.


...of being in the Army.


...to have the best hockey league ever.


...of everything.


...of being Antman.


...of being a princess.


...that every animal will have a loving home.


...that I can be the best singer on earth.


...that one day I will be a successful photographer.


...of becoming a chef.


...of world peace.



We hope everyone had a great MLK, Jr. day and has been staying warm so far this winter!





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