Halloween Fun

Last week was the end of my favorite month, October. We made sure to end this fantastic month with a bang. CSK had a Halloween-themed Fun Friday at St. Mary's.


On the teacher workday (Oct 27) we had a full day at CSK. We picked out itty bitty pumpkins that we all got to paint & decorate and take home!



The pumpkins that we had leftover came in handy for our relay race. On Friday (Oct 30) we had a Halloween relay race. We split up into three teams and competed in 5 different events.


The first event was the Mummy Wrap: each team had to wrap a team member up using 1 toilet paper roll per team and make them into a mummy – the mummies then tagged the witches.



Witches Broom: Each team had one witch with their own broom, as well as a small pumpkin to push. The players pushed the pumpkin down the length of the playing field to the next player - the witches then tagged the zombies.



Zombie Three-Legged Race: 2 players from each team had their legs taped together. They had to zombie race to the werewolves – the zombies then tagged the werewolves.



Werewolf Push: each team had one player and one ball on the ground. The racers had to push the ball to the next players using only their nose – the werewolves then tagged the hulaween hoop team.



The final event was the Hulaween Hoop Pass: 5-6 players from each team had to stand in a line holding hands. They had to pick up a hulahoop and pass it down the line and over their bodies without breaking the line or else they had to start over. Whoever got the hulahoop across and on the ground first won!



Congratulations to Team 2 on winning the 2015 CSK Halloween Relay Race!



Once the relay race was over we had free time to play with the relay-race equipment however we wanted. 



Once it was time to go inside for snack staff had a few tricks AND treats up our sleeves ready for the kids. We made mini mummy pizzas and bug jello for everyone to enjoy. As predicted, a few kids were more disgusted by the olives on their pizza than the bugs in their jello, but it was a problem with an easy solution (just pick 'em off, a practice I am well-versed in from my own elementary years.) 




Our Hallow's Eve after-school celebration was quite a success. I'm glad I got to spend the day with kids who were just as excited and enthusiastic about it as I was. Never a dull moment at CSK!



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