What we do:

Here at CSK, we believe our balanced, low-key programing delivers a more balanced, relaxed child back to you at pick-up time so you can head home to enjoy your time together as a family.

Philosophy and Practices:


Kids work hard at school, and their days are super structured. After six solid hours of staying on task, they need time for old-fashioned, unstructured play. It's our goal at CSK to give kids that essential freedom. For a good portion of every afternoon, we let them take the lead with self-directed activities--on their own or in a group--while we facilitate and supervise.


As much as the weather allows, we are OUTSIDE having fresh air fun--rolling down hills, throwing a football, playing tag, and more. Onsite, we're busy with high-quality art supplies, Kaplas, Legos, classic toys and board games, and a growing library. 


We love to see kids explore, invent, create, compromise, collaborate, and make friends--all of their own initiative! 


We also understand that the last thing you want to do at night is start a homework battle, so there's quiet time for school assignments. We check homework progress and provide help where needed.


Finally, our day includes a nutritious snack that kids help prepare.

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St. Mary's Church

337 Charlotte St.  Asheville, NC 28801



Ira B. Jones Elementary

544 Kimberly Avenue  Asheville NC 28804

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Charlotte Street Kids is a non-sectarian ministry of St. Mary's Episcopal Church.  All programing of CSK is secular.