What we do:

Year 7 Fifth Graders!
Lost in her song...
Circus Camp!
Serpentarium Magic Field Trip
Monkey Business
Tearing up the lanes!
MLK, Jr. Bulletin Board
Watch out for these tough guys...
Sock drive for folks in need
Two princesses!
End of Year PARTY!
Pyramid of CSK Fun
Welcome to the GUN SHOW!
High Top Orchard
Homework time
Charlotte Street Babies!
Big map!
Lunch Buddies
Messy Hands
HUGE Snake!
Dancing Girls
Snow Day!
Our guy Tater
Pig Art
Baby faces
Our Bearded Dragon Lizard
Ms. Mica with girlies!
"Lookit my Lego Man"
Sylvia and Asher
Super Heroines on the Bus!
Baby Booties
Nature Center Field Trip
Worm tickling
Downtown Asheville Field Trip
Book Worm Boy
A little nervous about the snake!
Baby Toots!
Piggy smooches
Jumpin' Rope in the Sunshine
Spa Day;)
Kindergarten Girls
Dave the Bearded Dragon Lizard
Kapla Block Tower
Field trip to Botanical Gardens
Dr. Seuss
Waiting for their buddy
Baby Mr. Cool
Listening to our pipe organ
Stacking and jumping
We love our books, y'all...
Jones Park
Parachute Fun
Fast Friends at CSK@Jones
Sack Race!
I think he likes it....
Building with Big Boxes
Cozy little Book Club
Dress-Up Girls
Mosaic Camp

Here at CSK, we believe our balanced, low-key programing delivers a more balanced, relaxed child back to you at pick-up time so you can head home to enjoy your time together as a family.

Philosophy and Practices:


Kids work hard at school, and their days are super structured. After six solid hours of staying on task, they need time for old-fashioned, unstructured play. It's our goal at CSK to give kids that essential freedom. For a good portion of every afternoon, we let them take the lead with self-directed activities--on their own or in a group--while we facilitate and supervise.


As much as the weather allows, we are OUTSIDE having fresh air fun--rolling down hills, throwing a football, playing tag, and more. Onsite, we're busy with high-quality art supplies, Kaplas, Legos, classic toys and board games, and a growing library. 


We love to see kids explore, invent, create, compromise, collaborate, and make friends--all of their own initiative! 


We also understand that the last thing you want to do at night is start a homework battle, so there's quiet time for school assignments. We check homework progress and provide help where needed.


Finally, our day includes a nutritious snack that kids help prepare.

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St. Mary's Church

337 Charlotte St.  Asheville, NC 28801



Ira B. Jones Elementary

544 Kimberly Avenue  Asheville NC 28804

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Charlotte Street Kids is a non-sectarian ministry of St. Mary's Episcopal Church.  All programing of CSK is secular.